Zbiory - Historia

Crown thaler, Crown Mint in Bydgoszcz, 1628, silver
Welcoming goblet of the Łańcut shoemakers’ guild, 1662, glass
Sabre, Turkey (?), 18th–19th century, steel, gilded silver sheet, semi-precious stones, leather

The War Order of Virtuti Militari – Golden Cross (IV Class), 1831, gold, enamel
Hanukkah lamp, Vienna, 1835, silver
The Great Municipal Seal of the City of Rzeszów, Rzeszów, 19th/20th century, brass, iron

The History Department of the District Museum in Rzeszów includes over 20 thousand exhibits on a wide range of topics. History enthusiasts are sure to find there numerous art treasures of great historic, cognitive, material as well as artistic value.

In the course of a couple of decades, the department has amassed a valuable collection of militaria; cold weapons and firearms, uniforms and pieces of military equipment, collectible coins and medals of Polish and foreign origin, historic guild works and seals. A valuable group of relics consists of military decorations from Poland and neighbouring countries as well as the Judaica collection saved from the ravages of war, and memorabilia related to Rzeszów and the region. Also, a large archive of family memorabilia along with documents of public institutions and a collection of photographs on a broad variety of topics are precious additions to the collection of the History Department.