Zbiory - Biblioteka

Inkunabuł, Konstytucje Klemensa V, papieża Norymberga, 1482
Starodruk, Biblia w tłumaczeniu ks. Jana Leopolity, Kraków 1577
Starodruk, Szymon Syrenius, Zielnik..., Kraków 1613

Starodruk, Respublica, sive status regni Poloniae..., Lejda 1627
Schematyzm galicyjski na rok 1846, Provinzial Handbuch..., Lemberg 1846
Adam Mickiewicz, Poezje. Wydanie jubileuszowe, Warszawa 1898

The Library has more than 51 thousand volumes. The collection contains antique prints of Polish and foreign literature. The oldest relic is an incunable from 1482.

The Library also collects contemporary literature to support the everyday operation of the museum. The collection is systematically expanded and supplemented with books and magazines in the field of archaeology, history, ethnography, the history and theory of art, museology and associated disciplines.

Of particular importance is the process of collecting and adding new pieces of literature, referred to as resoviana, related to Rzeszów and the surrounding area, including an extensive collection of local publications from the 19th and 20th century as well as galicjana a valuable source of knowledge about the life and history of Galicia, which includes a collection of schematyzmy [yearbooks] which are rare in Poland.