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Wnętrze refektarza z polichromią z k. XVII w.
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Main building – general information

The artistic and scientific value of the collection housed in the District Museum in Rzeszów is very high and important on a national level. Nonetheless, the institution remains closely connected with Rzeszów and the region. We have over 250 000 exhibits in our departments at the moment. The District Museum has acquired its well-known and valuable collection mainly through purchase or by gift.

The institution has gone down in the history of Polish culture that has been developed by the staff of the museum sector over the last 75 years. The role of the District Museum in Rzeszów is significant due to substantive actions that we undertake: our permanent and temporary exhibitions, conferences, specialized scholarly publications and other forms of culture and art dissemination, for which the museum has been repeatedly awarded in the Sybilla – a nationwide competition for the Museum Event of the Year.

Permanent and temporary exhibitions reflect the structure of the institution, and the historic interior, as well as the character of the building, are put to ideal use for the displays. A unique and inimitable interior teamed with the excellent acoustics of the refectory work ideally as a venue for concerts, evening poetry readings, meetings and monodramas. A variety of outdoor events take place on a spacious and atmospheric patio, e.g. the “Night of Museums”. The historic building of the museum, which formerly belonged to the House of Lubomirski, is located in the city centre and houses the following departments: Department of Archaeology, Department of Art, Department of History, Library, Administration, works of art conservation laboratory (specialising in the conservation of paper, leather, furniture, frames and oil paintings).

The Ethnographic Museum of Franciszek Kotula and the Museum of the History of Rzeszów are both departments of the District Museum in Rzeszów and are located in the old town market square (within a few hundred metres from the main building). The Memorial Room of Julian Przyboś in Gwoźnica Górna (on the route leading to the Bieszczady Mountains) is a part of the Ethnographic Museum of Franciszek Kotula.


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